Green Shield of Nations
Environmental Protection - Sustained Development
Smokeless Coal Project
1. SMOKELESS COAL AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO FUEL WOOD TO COMBAT DEFORESTATION. A. Public Awareness/Enlightment Campaign; In other to curb the alarming rate of deforestation in Nigeria which stands at four hundred hectares per annum resulting in soil erosions in the south,our N.G.O has articulated a comprehensive viability study of the usage of smokeless coal for domestic energy and indrustrial heating as subtitute to firewood.This we were able to popularise through advocacy and mass public enlightment in partnership with federal,states,local government,traditional institutions,and leaders of thought.By this strategy,we were able to carry our campaign of alternative energy to firewood right to the grassroots. B. COAL AS AN ALTERNATIVE SOURCE OF ENERGY TO FIREWOOD; Our N.G.O after a thorough study of the alternative energies proffered by a committee on fire wood substitution programme in 1991, pitched coal as the best alternative because of the following parameters; 1. Availability;Nigeria has 2.7 billion tons of raw coal spread in 13 states of the federation from south-east through central to the north -east geopolitical zones.Unlike crude oil found in the Niger Delta, the quantity can sustain the consumption for 200 years. 2. Sulphur and ash content is small therefore is environment friendly. 3. It is easier and cheaper to mine than crude oil and the carbonisation and biquette is cheaper and affordable than kerosene and LPG. 4. Easier,safer to handle,store and transport than kerosene and LPG. 5.The appliances for use in terms of Kerosene and LPG i.e gas cooker,kerosene stoves are costlier than coal stoves. From the above you can say smokeless coal is the best alternative to kerosene and LPG because of it's availability, affordability, and the supply can be made more sustainable and therefore it qualifes to be the best alternative energy for rural and urban poor.

2. SKILL ACQUISITION PROGRAMME; In order to add value to this form of energy, we came up with coal energy saving stoves programme. Under this programme, we train unemployed youths in the skill of coal stoves fabrication using local materials and implement's thus, empowering them to fight poverty and to protect the environment. This programme became popular within and outside the country. Under this programme the Greenshield of Nations,plans to supply 38,700 coal energy saving stoves to all the local governments in Nigeria and train 40,000 unemployed youths. So far the N.G.O has supplied 2,200 cartons of smokeless coal and equal number of coal stoves to fourty-four local governments of Kano state and thereby trained 220 unemployed youths of the state as its pilot project in year 2002. BENEFIT OF THE SKILL ACQUISITION PROGRAMME; A Skill acquisition in the arts of coal stoves fabrication. This will enhance local craftsmanship,which is hitherto dissipating under the onslaught of foreign technology. B. Empowerment of the youths by giving them sustainable employment thereby alleviating their poverty. C. Keeping youths off the streets thereby curbing crimes and other social vices. D. Since the trained youths are from their local governments this will curb rural to urban migration of the able-bodied youths.

3.THE SETTING UP OF SMOKELESS COAL BRIQUETTING PLANTS. Due to the success and wide acceptance of our programmes on smokeless coal utilization for domestic energy and indrustrial heating, Grennshield of Nations has written a feasibility studies for theb setting up smokeless coal briquetting plants in Kogi and Enugu states of Nigeria.The plant is capable of producing one hundred thousand metric tons of smokeless coal briquettes. The project will cost over six hundred and fifty five million (N635,700.00) and the plant can pay off itself within four years because of the high demand of the product. The cost of the project will be fianace by donor countries and organizations e.g state governments (buying of shares for their people)Annex countries under Clean Development Mechanism (C.D.M).